As a herald, Elijah foretold the coming of Jesus Christ. The time for Elijah to be channeled has now passed. It is the time for Christ Consciousness.

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  • Alignment First
    Alignment First
  • Be true to yourself and it will set you free
    Be true to yourself and it will set you free

Do you often wonder why you are here and what your true purpose is? Do you sense there is more to life?

In the maze of life, we often get caught up in the busyness and distraction of what is on offer, and forget who we truly are and why we have come forth. Our lives may be full and yet a nagging feeling persists within that we are missing something.

While some of us have mastered the law of attraction, even by attracting what it is we think we want, there are many that have not found true inner peace, love and fulfilment.

Connecting to inner love, joy and happiness is the key.

Elijah is a council of non-physical beings who are here primarily to assist you in remembering that the greatest love comes from within through alignment to your inner being, your inner guidance system, and that you have chosen to come forth at this time to fulfill your purpose and live the most joyous and happy life you can imagine.

My name is Lisa and I am in vibrational alignment to receive Elijah’s words of guidance and wisdom. This is often referred to as channeling, and in my case I am able to translate their guidance through automatic writing as well as vocal spiritual translation. This gives you direct contact and communication with these non-physical beings without interpretation.

Find your true path, purpose and lasting happiness through developing inner alignment.

In a session with Elijah you will be able to ask questions and receive personal guidance and counsel regardless of what place your life is in now. Elijah will assist you to:

• Get to the root cause of why you are getting the experiences you are in this life
• Let go of negative experiences, emotions and beliefs
• Get in alignment with who you truly are, your inner being and own guidance system
• Get on your personal path to feeling happiness and joy
• Get from where you are to where you want to be.

Their guidance can give you the freedom to:

• Feel new levels of love, joy and happiness through alignment first
• Feel confident and empowered to begin trusting in your own guidance system
• Recognise that true fulfilment begins within, and you have the power to create it now! The external world and abundance on offer are there to complement but not substitute for this deep inner connection.

I am thrilled and very honored to be able to offer my services in bringing Elijah’s guidance and teachings to you.

So no matter what part of the world you reside in, you now have access to these wonderful beings, and can start living a life that is full of the utmost joy and happiness.

With ♥ and light,